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Dr. David Huff provides chiropractic care with clinical excellence, in Greensboro.  Our team is here to help.

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Don't take our word for it, hear what our patients have to say.  Our goal is top notch chiropractic care.

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Chiropractor Greensboro NC

As your doctor of chiropractic in Greensboro NC, I'll offer you gentle, safe, highly-advanced, and highly effective ways to reduce pain by 90% as well as reduce other common health issues-from headaches blood pressure, allergies, and ear infections naturally. I've helped thousands of people avoid surgeries, prescriptions, and hospitalizations, saving them over 75% on lifetime healthcare costs. All with no need for twisting, popping, or cracking (unless you like it!), or pain.

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Welcome To
Good Health Greensboro: David Huff, DC

We have designed our office to offer Greensboro the most effective natural treatments available. Born and raised in this beautiful city, I moved across the country to serve at some of the US's most prestigious clinics to find the methods and approaches to health care that would work best to heal my hometown from the inside out. My wife Amanda and I have engineered our office to offer the most honest, friendly, advanced, and thorough care we know you deserve. I even took 500 extra hours of training to be equipped with the most effective natural techniques to treat Greensboro's ailments (like learning many specific techniques to heal allergies that come with our gorgeous parks and trees). We hope you'll come see how Greensboro does natural healthcare.

Why Choose A Chiropractor?

Yes, Dr. Huff, a chiropractor, is a "real doctor"-in fact, he's a primary care doctor, that can be seen for almost anything you'd go to a general practitioner medical doctor for, but with a unique approach to your health. Both Chiropractors and Medical Doctors attend four years of education after college to learn how the body works. In fact, chiropractors are required to take 300 more hours of study than medical doctors! The difference in their education is that instead of devoting a large portion of their studies to understanding diseases and medications, chiropractors learn how the body heals best. Devoting hundreds of hours of training to neurology and nutrition.






How Can Chiropractic Care Help You?

Chiropractic is GREAT for back pain, and I've got decompression, myofascial release, cupping, and adjustment techniques to meet those needs specifically.

But…many people don't realize chiropractic can do so much more, too.
When you are sick, in pain, or suffering from ailments, your body is still trying to heal you but is confronting obstacles. That's where I come in: I work with your nervous system to remove the barriers to healing and health. Healing happens when the brain is well-connected to the rest of your body. That connection occurs through your nervous system, which comes down from your brain and out through your spine to connect the brain to every organ and system in your body. Because your spine and nervous system respond to each other so fluidly, I can use gentle adjustments to your spine, neck and other areas to allow your body to receive the nerve signals needed to heal.

Of the 80,000 patients visits I've been a part of, and 20,000 safe adjustments I've given, I've come to see it as normal that babies' ear infections and adults' constipation are cleared up within a few treatments. To me, it's normal that someone who heard they need back surgery can avoid it and have an excellent quality of life (for much less money and no surgery!). And it's become very normal that migraine sufferers vastly reduce or get rid of their headaches and return to a pain-free life. I would love to help you experience the full potential your body has for health and wellness. Please take advantage of this new patient special and let's talk about how I can help you.

What It's Like To Be A Patient Of Ours

Here are the steps we know get patients like you better the fastest, so they're the basis of our approach to your health.

New Patient Appointment

When you book a new patient appointment, Dr. Huff will spend 1 hour with you-hearing your story of pain and your goals for your health. In that appointment, he will take a thorough history and orthopedic exam. He will also use NASA-certified technology to scan your nerves, muscles, and heart to see how well your body is responding to stress. This technology allows him to know where the healing impulses in your body are stopped or paused, and how to rehabilitate them. He will likely also take x-rays of your neck, mid-back, and/or low-back as needed.

Report Of Findings

After Dr. Huff gathers all of the information from the new patient exam, he will think it over, and come up with an individualized plan based on your needs and goals and talk about it with you during a report of findings appointment. Amanda will go over insurance coverage and cost of care and you'll be able to get treated and start care right then and there!


Each treatment is part of your plan. Adjustments will take less than 15 minutes. We'll give you warm up exercises to do to help your spine and neck best adapt to care. Myofascial release, decompression, acupuncture, and cupping may also be added into your care plan, based the goals you set with Dr. Huff.


Dr. Huff wants to make sure that the treatments he prescribed are working to heal you from the inside out, so he will re-examine you and your progress at different points of your plan and at the very end of the plan to make sure you've met your goals.

Wellness Care

When you finished your plan and reached your goal, Dr. Huff will likely recommend maintaining those results with one adjustment a month. Chiropractic works like nutrition, exercise, and brushing your teeth-do it once, you may see some immediate results, but doing it repeatedly over time is what will continue health and wellness. It is this level of continued care that saves 75% of your medical costs over a lifetime (and that 25% you are spending includes the cost of chiropractic). We do not recommend these visits because it's more money for us-in fact, it's much more expensive to let your body fall apart and then have Dr. Huff put it back together. But we want you and your family to experience full health, so we honestly hope that one care plan is the only care plan you'll ever need, and that we'll get to see you--in all your wellness--once a month for years to come. The choice, of course, is yours! There is no pressure to do these visits.