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In 2019, Dr. Huff and the team of Good Health Greensboro did a musculoskeletal health screening as a part of a biometric program with the City of Greensboro. The assessment involved range of motion, orthopedic testing maneuvers, spinal and muscle inspection, and palpation. While screening the participants Dr Huff recommended to those more at risk to receive treatment in office. Fifteen of the fifty assessed made their initial appointment. Of the fifteen that started six of the participants fully followed recommendations and completed their care. Patient information is minimized and de-identified.

Patient #4 presented with neck and lower back pain with a pain score of 8/10. Upon evaluation and x-rays a scoliosis was revealed. Patient proceeded with care and within approximately 4 weeks, a total of 11 treatments patient reported a 2.5 / 10 on the pain scale and 80% improvement in their daily life activities!

Patient #7 presented with throbbing lower back pain with a score of 6/10 on the pain scale. Examination revealed lumbar scoliosis. Patient completed care of 11 visits and reported a 0/10 on the pain scale an 95-100% improvement in their ability to do daily activities! If patient had presented for other medical care, it is likely patient would have been recommended steroids or a type of spinal injections. The steroid injections are limited because they overtime and with repeated use damage the connecting, soft tissues, and bones adjacent to site of injections.

Patient #5 presented with neck tightness, achy lower back pain, and sciatica with a pat scale of a 6 out of 10. Exam revealed spinal subluxation or the neck, lower back, and hips. Patient followed care recommendations and within 6 weeks had improved their pain scale from a 6/10 to a 0/10 and over 90% improvement in quality of living.

Limitations in Greensboro

Patient 14 presented with lower back pain, middle back pain, numbness of the legs. Examination revealed spinal subluxations of the lower back, middle back and pelvis, and previously existing compression fractures of the lumbar spine. Pain was an 8/10 on pain scale. Patient followed thru with care for 14 visits and stopped partly due to insurance limitations. Patient had reported a new pain scale of 7/10 and 85% improvement in lower back and 65% in middle back daily activity limitations.


Common other modalities these patients are likely to receive if NOT seeing a chiropractor first for common musculoskeletal pains include Spine surgery, neck surgery, use of NSAIDs / Aspirin, Prescription opioid pain medications. Its very important for patients seeking care for these issues to have informed consent (explanation of the benefits and potential harms from receiving treatment) so they can make an informed decision on their health care. Research from the Galup-Palmer College of Chiropractic annual report 10/2016 found the risks of serious side effects of these common interventions: Spine surgery 1,800 incidences per 1 million episodes, neck surgery 500 per 1 million, use of NSAIDS / Aspirin 153 in 1 million, prescription opioid pain medications 53.6 per 1 million, and chiropractic adjustment <1 per 1 million.

Chiropractic works 94% of patients receiving adjustments had reached a 30% improvement in low back pain or better within four weeks, this is compared to 56% of patients receiving standard medical care. Schneider M, et al Comparison of spinal manipulation methods and usual medical care for acute and subacute low back pain, spine 2015 vol 40 no. 4 pp209-217

Chiropractic care as primary health care delivery method. Research from Canada.

Patients that primarily saw a chiropractor reported the following findings: 60.2% less hospital admissions, 59% less days in hospital, 62% less surgeries, and 85% less pharmaceutical costs when compared to those that saw medical doctors for the same complaints.

Journal of manipulative physiological therapies, may 30 2007

“Researchers found that medical care costs less and claimants return to work more quickly when low back pain treatment is provided solely by chiropractors.” - Workers’ compensation research institute
They compared more than 2 million claims from over 25 states during the period of October 2015 through September 2017.

The average medical cost per claim for low back pain patients who were treated exclusively by a chiropractor for both physical medicine and evaluation and management was $1,366, 61% less than the $3,522 treatment cost for low back pain cases that received no chiropractic treatment. Indemnity costs were also lower for workers whose low back pain was treated exclusively by a chiropractor: $492 compared to $3,604 for workers who received no chiropractic treatment.

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