Do you believe in yourself?

Children believe in Santa Claus.  And the tooth fairy.  They wake up excited and primed to fly out of bed and see the day.  And then later they don’t.  Santa and the others stop being real and become silly children’s stories.

But what if you don’t believe in yourself?  Would you disappear?  Would you become an old fairy tale?

Whether you “believe in yourself” or not, you keep on going.

Because there is a power inside of your body that sustains you.  

Despite our best efforts – excessive technology use, being best friends with the couch, and drugs, alcohol, and junk food, something happens.

The power inside of you will keep repairing, rejuvenating and restoring your body.

Because what your body doesn’t need is belief.  

It functions and heals and repairs – and sustains you – whether you believe in it or not.

Chiropractors have a phrase that says: “The POWER That Made the Body Heals the Body.”

And this means that there is no believing necessary.  It just happens whether you believe it or not.  

Instead it comes down to trust.  The question is do you trust yourself and the power inside you?  

Because you aren’t going anywhere – You can believe in yourself or not, but if you don’t…

…you don’t disappear – or turn into a fairy tale like Santa Claus.  

But do you trust the healing power inside you to actually be just that…


Because a power isn’t one that needs belief – it simply needs trust.  And if you have trust in it, you foster it.  And stoke the flames inside you and make sure the power inside you is a flame that burns bright.

Your body teaches you every day the lesson of its power – even those days that, rather than feeling like Christmas morning, you’d rather keep your eyes shut and stay in bed.