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Where are they now?

Providing Award-Winning Care

Less than 10 years after they met as students and graduated from UNC Greensboro, Dr. David Huff and Dr. Amanda Szabo-Huff saw their Greensboro business named "The small business of the year."

Their clinic earned the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce honor for its inclusive and accessible care.

The couple credits UNC Greensboro for providing them with the everyday knowledge to make a big impact right here at home.

For the health of others

Dr. David Huff's goal is to be 100 years old and in great health, and he wants to help other achieve long-tern health too.

UNC Greensboro Department of Kinesiology served as the springboard for his passion for health and wellness.

As the co-owner of a local chiropractic clinic, David is thrilled to give quality care back to the place that spurred his success - right in his hometown.

One Spartan. Many Talents.

Dr. Amanda Szabo - Huff is a mother, business owner, marketing professional, and passionate advocate for community health.

Always focused on service, she earned her master's degree in communication studies and simultaneously gained the practical knowledge to make a big impact at UNC Greensboro.

Today, she co-owns an award-winning Greensboro clinic dedicated to providing accessible and affordable care for all.

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Good Health Greensboro: David Huff, DC

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